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The Studio


/ˈmin(ə)rəl, əˈlevən/

Established in 2020


To uplift lives through a luxury holistic salon experience.

Focusing on a culture of gratitude, willful relaxation, mindfulness & indulgence.

We are propelled to help each woman celebrate her essence, Unapologetically. 

Mineral XI offers unparalleled service experiences to enhance natural beauty. Influenced by Japan and Indian Ayurveda.  

We welcome you to experience what our Eco Concept Wellness Salon has to offer!


We are a certified Sustainable Salon. We have partnered with Green Circle Salon in order to reduce salon waste. Which means 95% of all our beauty waste will be recycled and/or repurposed in order to be kept out of landfills and waterways.

 It is about more than just hair, it is also a transference of energies and Mineral XI is conscious about leaving a small footprint on the environment while making a positive impact on our community.


MINERAL XI is the first "Clean Air" salon in the Prince Georges' County area and has made a commitment to stocking only the finest non-toxic hair products from sustainably mindful brands.

We have implemented an OSHA Certified Ventilation Air Purifier. Designed specifically to target and purify more than 350 pollutants, from gases and odors to toxic chemicals and bacteria laden dust.

During your visit, clean air will simultaneously circulate into our salon space while the polluted air is drawn into the bed of the activated carbon filter, trapping toxic fumes and locking them away safely.


Our salon provides Luxury Low Toxic Chemical Services. Our color & lighteners are free of PPD, Resorcinol, and Ammonia. The color line we use, Original & Mineral COR, is cruelty free, unlike most of the traditional color lines salons use. It has replaced toxic ingredients that are hazardous to the oceans and earth with ones that are kinder to the environment and are easier on our bodies.

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