We are so excited to have you as a new guest here at Mineral XI. Our eco concept wellness salon is a great stop for all of your self care needs.

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Your experience will begin AFTER you've browsed the site and read the salon policies. 

In reading below you will get an understanding of what to expect during your visit, then you can click through to our service menu and choose one of our New Guest Services in order to schedule your 1st appointment. All new Guest services include a consultation, but if what you desire is not under the New Guest category (but is listed for existing guests), please schedule a Virtual Consultation first, or complete the New Guest Form. 

 The NEW GUEST SERVICE button  below will take you to a new window to book your appointment.

Once your appointment has been scheduled and confirmed, you'll receive a welcome email with more details to ensure your first visit is seamless.  


**Double check we are the salon for you. Peek at our reviews. Visit our services page and make sure we offer what you are looking for.


​We require a 15-30min consultation prior to scheduling ALL appointments. Until the technique is determined, We will not be able to determine  proper quote, timing or approve service/s. 

New clients that book other than New client services will be rescheduled accordingly.

  • Consults are best in-person to determine the services, timeframe, and price point ​that best fit your goals & lifestyle.​

​-Due to COVID and time limitations we prefer that all in person consultations are reserved for chemical services if possible.

However, we offer virtual consultations for all services.

We believe that the consultation process is the most important part of our service. You have to know where you’re headed to know how to get there, which is why we take the time to listen. 

After I receive your virtual consultation request I will send an email containing the details our upcoming virtual session via zoom or google Duo.


As a professional, I will direct your journey with realistic expectations. I will plan all services according to your timeframe, budget, and hair health as well as suggest a maintenance schedule and how to style your new hair at home. The integrity of your hair  and wellbeing is most important to us which is why we are a treatment bases salon and also offer the most luxurious + technologically hybrid advanced treatments + at home care.


When you arrive at M.XI you’ll immediately experience a sense of comfort. We designed our space to feel calming, intentional for you to release all tension from whatever your day has thrown at you.


Your experience will begin with a ritual to calm, relax and ground you before your journey begins.

Once we have a detailed plan and approval for your new look we will get to work with formulating your custom color, treatment and/or brow pigment (whatever you desire). Every stage of your service will be thoughtfully planned and executed according to your desired result and service.