Here for a Gorgeous, Healthy You

A sanctuary for wellness minded individuals who are passionate about self esteem love, community, environment and amazing healthy hair. 

Our SPA is a small and exclusive space consisting of three treatment rooms featuring hair styling, intentional relaxation treatments and  esthetics.


An experience like no other ! MINERAL XI is officially open and fully functional. 

If you were with us before you know we were formally known as I. Queen Salon.

Before COVID, we already had the desire to rebuild and to start a new concept of what a salon visit should feel like. We decided to use the time during isolation to reinvent ourselves for you all.

"We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are." - Oprah Winfrey

I. Queen Salon has been in existence since September 2011. We have learned so much during this time and are now ready to show off this abundance of knowledge.

This is a rebirth, to move away from the "norm" of traditional hair salon vibes.

We wanted to bring you something more… more than just a "squeeze" me in haircut or blowout. A true escape, not just for your hair, but for your mind as well.

Our Eco Concept Wellness Salon allows you to be stress and worry free about whether or not what is being put onto your hair is being absorbed because we use all non-toxic products and low toxic color. The very air you breathe within our space is purified so that with each breath, you are inhaling clean air every time. 

We strive to beautify our world through positivity and good vibes, one service at a time.

We appreciate your patience as we all get accustomed to this new way of life and our new version of "salon-ing".

Sneak Peek ?

We have incorporated enhanced hair rituals and ancient therapeutic practices within our salon. We care about the well being of YOU! 

Please familiarize yourself with our COVID-19 Page so you know what to expect from your next visit to Mineral XI.

Thank you to everyone that supported us while we were closed, during our build out and while we were transitioning to the new us!  We truly appreciate it.

Stay healthy, in all ways! 

Thank you and contact us if you have any questions.






Let me help you get started

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I want you feel super relaxed and have a great relationship from the start. Click the button below to learn more who I am, how I work and what a visit will look like with me.

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I like to schedule my guests a consultation to ensure we are both confident about the plan. Head over to my new guest page and complete the virtual consultation form.

                      Step 3

Arrive at the salon relaxed and confident, knowing that I’ll be fully prepared for your visit. You will walk away feeling like your best self.