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Mineral Luxe Rejuvenation

Designed to detox and revitalize your scalp and hair with a micro-exfoliation and nutrient-rich mineral mud treatment.


• Detoxifies and nourishes scalp and hair.

• Stimulates hair growth and improves scalp health.

• Provides ultimate relaxation and refreshment.

Herbal Hydrate therapy

Designed to deeply hydrate and nourish scalp and hair with herbal-infused micro-mist, aloe vera, and chamomile serum with oxygen therapy infusion. 



• Enhanced moisture retention and elasticity.

• Noticeably softer and shinier hair.

• Improved scalp health and reduced dryness.

• Comprehensive relaxation and revitalization.

Strength and Shine

Designed to Strengthen and shine your hair with a protein-rich serum, amino acid complex, and collagen-infused mask ultrasonic vibration treatment.


• Strengthens and reinforces brittle, weak hair fibers with proteins and amino acids.

 •  Enhances nutrient absorption and moisture retention.

• Increases hair resilience and reduces breakage.

•  Improves overall hair health and appearance.

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